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Dale DeGroff is a man who needs little introduction. The former head bartender at legendary New York venue the Rainbow Room was instrumental in the re-discovery of iconic heritage brands like Cherry Heering. He was at the forefront of the return to classic cocktail making and has written, amongst other things, the industry bible that is The Craft of the Cocktail.


Adrian Madio

AdriánMadio’s ‘bold’ cocktail pays tribute to coffee, a liquid that’s shaped his adopted home for centuries.
Coffee has shaped the cool green hills of Colombia’s EjeCafetero regionfor centuries, but 1835 was a landmark year for the nation’s growers. That year, over 1,100kg of beans left the country bound for the US: the start of Colombia’s coffee exports.


Evelyn Chick

What’s in a year? So many memories on a personal level. But in some years, there is catastrophic change, be it good or bad. Cherry Heering is set to celebrate 200 in business in 2018. It’s a milestone the brand will mark by contacting the most illustrious bartenders around the globe, giving each the option to take one year and divulge what it means in terms of not only drink culture but of global humanity.


Monica Berg

Monica Berg is someone who can really only be classified as an industry leader. And in spite of the fact that it’s overused, it isn’t a term that should be taken lightly. To be honest, there are two types of people in this business: those who follow, and those who lead. And Monica Berg is definitely a leader.


Vasilis Kyritsis

The year 2014 was a landmark for Nikos Bakoulis and Vasilis Kyritsis, the best-known bartenders in Greece: it’s the year they opened, with three non-bartending partners, their much-awarded bar, The Clumsies. Kyritsis cites it as one of the three greatest experiences of his life, alongside winning World Class Greece in 2012 (Bakoulis won in 2011) and working a stage at Tony Conigliaro’s Drink Factory.


Jimmy Barrat

Being a top barmanager responsible for developing a global bar brand is all-consuming and no walk in the park. Jimmy Barrat lives in Dubai and is the global bar development director of the Zuma group where he has worked for a number of years. His version of the Penicillin cocktail with Japanese influences is probably the best twist on this famous New York drink. When creating drinks, Jimmy draws inspiration from history to poetry, a great passion of his, with a mystical touch.



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