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Loïc Rakotomala

The recent Marie Brizard The Art of Flavour live sessions have hosted bartenders from all corners of the country. They dived into the deep knowledge of liqueurs as delivered by the charming, very French Mr. Loïc Rakotomala (Global Brand Ambassador for Marie Brizard).


Ryan Hartshorn

Meet Ryan Hartshorn, frustrated sheep cheese monger and Tasmanian turned super excited distiller of some very unique Gin and Vodka. He explains that his desire to diversify into Sheep’s Whey spirits was as a result of just being ‘over’ making a boutique line of cheeses. Albeit, that’s the family business.


The Duke of Clarence

Sydney has just been graced with a new boozer at the hands of Mike Enright and team. If The Barber Shop is home to all things Gin in a quirky mix of Cyprian coastal and British lounge room styling, The Duke Of Clarence hits the spot for those looking for a traditional British pub packed with goodness.


Michael & Celia

Our favourite soda pop playground, PS40, hosted two jet setting booze-slingers for a POP-up showing off some of the skills and drinks honed in the Singaporean crown jewels of cocktail culture, Employees Only Singapore and 28 Hong Kong Street.


Door Knock

Let’s all take a moment and celebrate some success people. We first met Natalie in 2012 while she was opening Mojo Record Bar. Her dream was to open her own place with her own rules, her own drinks and now – with a hand picked team, she brings to Sydney a little golden nugget, marked by a single door tucked away next to a cafe on busy old Pitt Street.


Daniele Pirotta

Daniele Pirotta Talking Turkey – and we mean serious sexy Wild Turkey. Who would have thought that this juice had been having sex with a barrel for 4-17 years before we swallowed? But, it was more than what was going in our mouths at the recent Wild Turkey Thanksgiving event that kept us focused, it was the captivating and charismatic chat coming out of Daniele’s that held the room (mostly full of beautiful women – go figure) that had us all feeling thankful and grateful.


FDM Whiskey Education

Let’s be checking this out today people. FDM Whisky Education is here and ready to roll. Check out Tom Scott from Whisky & Alement and Sarah Mitchell from Boilermaker House as they give you the need-to-know swag on this all important top shelf booze.


Henrique Beraldi

Henrique Beraldi is Drinks Network’s technical director an cinematographer. With more than 15 years of experience working for TV, film and online video production, HB also is skilled at shaking margaritas, slinging pizza doe and pulling pints.


Jason Kurtini

Jason brings over 20 years of industry-wide experience in the UK and Australia to Drinks Network.
After spending the best part of a decade mixing up cocktails and managing bars in London and Brighton, Jason traded his bar blade for a car full of liquor as a sales rep for Pernod Ricard.


Hayden Wood

Hayden Wood is an ex-world champion bartender and internationally known author of his best selling book series’ The Liquid Kitchen, Good Wine Bad Language Great Vineyards, Beer Nuts, Cafe Republic and Green Food Generation.


David Lang

For over 30 years I have been involved in the Hospitality, Tourism & Training. In this role I have been responsible for management of learner engagement and progression for HR and Leadership Management qualifications.



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