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Welcome to Drinks Network

What problem will Drinks Network solve?

1./ Currently inefficient and unaffordable access sales data in Australia mean small to medium-sized wine, beer and spirit producers are unable to make effective marketing decisions.

2./ Woolworths and AC Neilsen data is unaffordable at anywhere between $30K – $60K for six-month category data. Plus, it’s warehouse data and not customer-centric retail data.

3./ There is no centralised calendar hosting public or trade events. Small tasting events are the most popular way for producers to market and connect with their audience, many events result in on-shows due to confusion and lack of knowing what event is happening when.

What are the commercial opportunities for vendors?

1./ Listing of current products in partner warehouses that we will sell through the drop-ship model. Retailing a broad range of products, in multiple locations, 24/7

2./ On-boarding of customers for sales and drink event ticketing

3./ Simplify and improve order fulfillment processes thereby improving customer delivery experience, reducing producers’ operating costs and administration.

4./ Service, support and scale for our business nationally including packaging.

5./ Consolidate deliveries across multiple suppliers and access next day, on-demand, weekend and after-hours services

What is our strategy to capture early adopters?

We will create awareness through video campaigns and a landing page with producer customers to list events on the National Drink Events Calendar. We will do this;

1./ Through our already established audience of 7,500 industry professionals consisting of; Wine, beer, spirit Producers

Service Managers Service Operators

Brand Managers


We have connected with this audience since 2013

2./ We also have strong relationships with Food & Beverage Media companies and Drinks magazines.

3./ We will reach the established Wine Depot customer base making up 100% coverage of the target customers.

3./ The promotion of these events by producer customers to shoppers will capture a shopper audience on our website.

How do you propose to commercialise the Minimum Viable Product?

The business requires the traffic of shoppers to purchase products as well as the participation of the producers to list events.

1./ Listing of 100 events in the first year

2./ Average ticket acquisition of 50 tickets per event

3./ Resulting in Traffic of approximately 15,000 visitors with a conversion rate of 30% (5000 tickets)

4./ Event traffic value estimated at 1500 sales, average basket value $265 or $397,500 total on a 30% conversion rate of the event traffic

This is achievable base on the following;

1./ The Drink Out Help Out initiative is aimed at regional businesses impacted by COVID-19

2./ This campaign will generate traffic and shoppers to the Drinks Network website

3./ We’re encouraging shoppers to book tickets to drink events through Drinks Network’s National Drink Events Calendar

4./ These can be On-site tours/tastings at wineries, breweries in regional areas, and educational seminars

How will Drinks Network provide benefits to Regional NSW

Drinks Network will benefit Regional NSW in four ways;

1./ Our Drink Out To Help Out campaign provides shoppers with a list of tours and tasting drink events hosted at wineries, breweries and distilleries across regional NSW.

2./ These tickets will be used at cellar doors across NSW from Thredbo to Hunter Valley, from Orange to Byron Bay on tours and tasting packs managing COVID gathering restrictions in advance of a date.

3./ Giving our shoppers the incentive to travel to regional NSW will provide regional economic stimulation in hospitality, tourism and accommodation.

4./ The majority of our product we sell comes from regional areas, Drinks Network is supporting local producers by selling these products

We look forward to working with all our Antipodean Vendors across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Please reach out to us to find a direct pathway to satisfies the basics of sales of marketing in one marketplace. 

Welcome to Drinks Network


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